Quality Assurance Plan

On every project UBS undertakes, a Quality Assurance Plan (QA Plan) is developed. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that each deliverable, as well as the final functional capability of the solution meets the Government expectations.

The QA Plan defines the procedures for the conduct and reporting of periodic and continuous internal audits and inspections necessary to verify UBS compliance with all aspects of the contract. The QA Plan for each project is adjusted based on the nature of the particular deliverables and the overall project goals and objectives; however, the basic UBS approach remains the same. The key components of a QA Plan address both the overall project performance and functionality (including alignment to schedule and budget), and the approach to ensuring quality deliverables throughout the project.

All aspects of the UBS proposed QA Plan are actively managed and monitored by a dedicated Quality Assurance Analyst to ensure exhaustive attention to detail in guaranteeing quality in project performance.

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