Business Process Management

Streamline your Finance and Human Capital Business Processes Resulting in a Controlled Environment and a Direct Improvement to the Bottom Line

Universal Business Solutions provides complete business process re-engineering services to today’s leading companies and non-profit organizations that result in streamlined business processes and direct improvement in the bottom line. Our consultants provide you with expertise in Financial and Human Capital Management business processes, industry best practices, software application knowledge and strong project management leadership.

Regardless of the industry, every organization has certain functions that consist of business processes that result from the strategic plans:



From quote to cash, the organization’s goal is to support your customers and maximize your revenues. Business processes must be quick and accurate. Orders and billings must be created correctly.


Your employees are your most valuable assets and the lifeline of your company. From hire to retire you want the best employees for the best roles, you want to inspire them to reach their full potential, admire and reward them for their performance, and ensure proper succession planning.


Every business needs to procure goods or services to deliver final products or services to your customers. From procurement to payment your organization benefits from cost effective procurement decisions and careful (smart) management of cash and payables processes.

Financial Management

From sub-ledger journal entries to consolidated financial statements many steps and processes are completed. Each of these must be auditable and accounted for and departments must work together to ensure a consistent process from record to report.

Contact us today and let our BPM experts analyze your current business processes and work with you to measure the effectiveness of those processes and re-engineer them to be more streamlined, provide better controls, and improve your bottom line.

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