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The growing complexity of information security threats puts proprietary information assets at risk on a daily basis. While a variety of sophisticated security technologies have emerged to address these issues, technology alone cannot secure the enterprise. In addition to technology, an organization’s workforce must understand information security issues and behave in a manner that minimizes risks. UBS enhances enterprise security by providing targeted cyber security training that strengthens employee technical skills, processes, strategy, and user implementation in each distinct job role.

End User Awareness – Our programs enable organizations to improve their security posture by giving employees the knowledge and understanding needed to protect valuable information through proactive, security conscious behavior.

Our training can address any number of today’s security issues including:

  • Information Protection
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Social Engineering
  • Remote Worker Security
  • Virus Protection
  • Password Security
  • Web Browser Security
  • Email Security
  • Instant Messaging Security
  • Mobile Security

Management Security Strategy – Our program is built on a solid understanding of the “Threat Model” concept, and utilizes interactive discussion and case studies to highlight both good and bad examples of corporate security posture. These strategy sessions focus on the following questions:

  • Why is security important?
  • Why is it so challenging to implement secure organizations?
  • What benefits come from having secure systems?
  • What is a threat model is and how does it affect the design and implementation of an organization’s security posture?
  • Why must security be in every part of the organization?
  • What skills will your personnel will need to posses in order to perform their jobs securely?
  • Why is testing necessary but not sufficient for security, and how should security testing be performed?
  • What are the current “best practices” for running a secure organization?
  • What are security metrics? How are they managed, and measured? What are the myths?

Secure Software Engineering – Our program can include either onsite instructor led or custom interactive computer based training. The curriculum provides techniques that can be implemented throughout the software development lifecycle to prevent and correct flaws in the architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, upgrade or maintenance of applications.

Secure Systems Operations – Our programs focus on perimeter defense, this curriculum provides skills and techniques required by system and network personnel to successfully monitor and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, modification or denial of a computer networks and its resources.

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