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Client Background

Lee Memorial Health System (LMHS) is the leading provider of healthcare services in southwest Florida and the largest and only community-owned healthcare system in the area that receives no direct tax support. Lee Memorial Hospital is ranked as one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the Nation.

Business Challenge

With a staff size of over 9,000 employees and high turnover consistent with the medical industry, Lee Memorial Health System on-boarding process was costly and time-consuming. In an effort to replace a paper-based, error prone employee on-boarding process that revolved around their legacy mainframe systems, LMHS looked to streamline its employee on-boarding system. The employee on-boarding process consisted of disparate, diverse technologies and applications including a recruiting system, HR system, and payroll system. Much of the workflow was done through email and was manually intensive to set up new employees on the various applications and systems necessary for them, depending on their role. In addition, there was no way to track data throughout the process to ensure consistency. The time it took to go through the entire process varied and was lengthy.

Developed Solution

UBS architects designed and implemented a new streamlined employee on-boarding process for Lee Memorial Health Systems that dramatically cut down the time to on board a new employee, increased productivity, and gave them a historical view of the activities.

Business Benefits

By implementing a new on-boarding process that integrated multiple systems and organizations, Lee Memorial Health Systems realized the following benefits:

  • Saved 21,000 employee hours in the first year
  • Reduced the time to hire a new employee from over 25 hours to less than 8
  • Realized a 200% reduction in processing time for new employees
  • Reduced cost by nearly $300K in annually

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testimonial-iconWorking with UBS BPM consultants we realized a 200% reduction in processing time for our new employees and annual cost savings by $300K.

CIO, Lee Memorial Health System

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